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Neurospark Clinic

Clinic announcements

Clinic Closures:

Our clinic will be closed on the following dates: May 19 and 22, June 21, July 1 and 3, September 1 and 4, October 9, November 11, and December 25 and 26, 2023. Voicemails and emails will not be 

returned on those dates. 

Contact Us - Make a Referral

Thank you!

Our clinic is welcoming of all people. We are dedicated to ensuring safety and respect for all patients. The office is wheelchair and mobility aid accessible. 


Please note, due to COVID-19 closures and very high demand, we now have a  significant wait list for assessment. 


We are not currently accepting new referrals for therapy.  


Regardless of current public health guidelines, masks are required at all times in the office. All staff are vaccinated. Air sanitization and ventilation is in place. All surfaces are sterilized.


Please contact us to make an appointment or to request information. For health professionals wishing to make a referral, please send a letter with the patient information, referral question(s), and any collateral information to the office.


NeuroSpark Clinic

Phone: (709) 368-7802


Secure fax for referrals: 1-855-554-0992

Office Address:

#701A - 655 Topsail Road, St. John's NL A1E 2E3

Mailing Address: 

PO Box 39063 Topsail Road PO, St. John's NL A1E 5Y7

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